MAGIC2020 is over

After 6 days, the MAGIC2020 campaign is over. In summary: 13 ballon launches (9 AirCores and 4 Amulses), 3h30 flight for SAFIRE/Falcon20, 4 ground-based spectrometers (3 EM27/SUN and 1 CHRIS) deployed at 7 locations alltogether with a daily average of 6 hours of continuous measurements, colocated measurements with 7 satellites (TROPOMI/Sentinel-5P, OCO-2, IASI-A/B/C, GOSAT-1/2).Congratulations to the whole team for this achievement!

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First day of measurements for MAGIC2021!

On Monday 17 August, 3 research aircrafts, 5 ground-based Fourier Transform Spectrometers and 2 weather balloons were deployed over Sweden and Finland. All measurements went as planned and a huge amount of data on greenhouse gases are already available. Signals from local sources of methane are well seen on the recorded measurements and are now […]


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Gondala on its way to Kiruna


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Green light for the MAGIC2021 campaign