Monitoring Atmospheric composition and Greenhouse gases through multi-Instrument Campaigns

The MAGIC initiative

Carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) are the two main greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted by human activities.

To better understand their concentration and vertical distribution in several key regions and to prepare future space missions dedicated to GHG, the MAGIC initiative has been put in place.

MAGIC stands for: Monitoring of Atmospheric composition and Greenhouse gases through multi-Instruments Campaigns.

athering 50 scientists from several French institutions, the campaigns have two main goals: (i) to better understand the vertical exchange of GHG along the atmospheric column, in connection with atmospheric transport, sources and sinks of the gases at the surface and in the atmosphere; (ii) to contribute to the preparation and validation of space missions dedicated to the monitoring of greenhouse gases.

To address these objectives, various instruments are deployed on various platforms: aircraft, balloons, ground.

They perform simultaneous observations of GHG concentration: direct in-situ
observations at the surface or along the vertical, total and partial weighted columns.

The MAGIC initiative is strongly supported by CNES and CNRS, with additional support from ESA, EUMETSAT, Ecole polytechnique, CEA, Météo-France and the Universities of Versaille-Saint-Quentin, Lille, Reims and Sorbonne.



MAGIC2021 KO Meeting

The MAGIC2021 KO meeting will  take place virtually on Monday  18 January to prepare the August campaign in Sweden. Presentations will cover scientific objectives of the campaign, instruments and logistics.

MAGIC2020 is over

After 6 days, the MAGIC2020 campaign is over. In summary: 13 ballon launches (9 AirCores and 4 Amulses), 3h30 flight for SAFIRE/Falcon20, 4 ground-based spectrometers (3 EM27/SUN and 1 CHRIS) deployed at 7 locations alltogether with a daily average of 6 hours of continuous measurements, colocated measurements with 7 satellites (TROPOMI/Sentinel-5P, OCO-2, IASI-A/B/C, GOSAT-1/2).Congratulations to […]

News – dates for MAGIC2020

The dates for the MAGCI2020 campaign have been chosen: 9-14 September 2020. It will involve 5 research teams, CNES and the SAFIRE unit with two objectives: validation of OCO-2 and Sentinel5-P/TROPOMI CO2 and CH4 columns as well as the study of spatial and temporal variability of greenhouse gases in the South-West of France.